Advice to myself, nine days ago

During the best days of your life, it is likely that you will dream a lot but sleep very little. A mixture of adrenaline and coffee is what will keep you going. However, you will learn that no amount of tiredness is a match for a true wish to stay up late and talk, just a little bit more.

During the best days of your life, is likely that you will challenge your greatest certainties, but it is also possible that you will affirm conclusions that lie deep in the bottom of your heart already. You might visit some pretty cool places, but the people you’re with will make all the difference. These are incredible individuals, who will hug you, with their arms and with their words, no matter how little they know you.

You will learn, in fact, that hugs can be sacred, that there is no way for two hearts to be closer to each other. You will find out how easily languages can melt into each other. You will eat lots of candy. Lots of it. You will learn that you’re lucky, so goddamn lucky. You’ll meet people that you already know all over again, and realize one more time how amazing they are. You will tell them; you will tell them a lot, because you will learn that all nice things are better off outside your mouth than inside.

You will learn that you often see better when you close your eyes, you will learn to let people guide you, you will learn how angels feel when they walk in the dark but know exactly where they’re going. You will see everything around you in a new way, and all the colors will be brighter.

You will learn that two weeks can go by in a second, that two months can go by in a thousand years. You will learn, thus the value of an instant. You will learn that the best things that happen often spur from spontaneous ideas, that you sometimes have to let the world carry you in its shoulders. You will learn, in other words, to trust. And you will learn to love in a way you never have before. You’ll be so full of love your heart might burst. You’ll be all the better because of it.


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